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RIPPER 1 and 2.

The RIPPER series are a fresh mix of all-round high performance short boards. Produced from 50 years of shaping evolution, refinement and knowledge.

The Ripper is versatile and has its rider's boxes ticked; from Small beaches, grinding point breaks and stand up barrels. If you could take one board on a trip the Ripper would be it.

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A pulled in nose and tail with the wide point in front of the centre allows for full pressure turns. Single shallow concave bottom tapering deep towards the tail. This means acute control, supercharged acceleration and a high power threshold.

The Ripper series features different bottom curves:
The Ripper 1 - Medium bottom curve
- Full concave through to the tail

The Ripper 2 - Slightly more bottom curve
- Full concave.

Ripper 1 & 2 are available as a thruster, 4 fin and as a 5 fin.
Extra-strong light weight glassing w/carbon tail strips.

Customisable to suit any surfer.

The "Full Throttle"

New Addition to the signature series.

  • "Fits tighter in the Pocket" Danny describes his new stick.
  • Full Throttle combines different aspects of the "Willsy Fish" and the "Hot Rod".
  • The Full Throttle has taken the same bottom as the Willsy Fish.
  • The pulled in nose of the Hot Rod.
  • This model is overall narrower than the Willsy Fish.
  • Danny Wills personal size is 56" x 18 3/4" and 2 3/8".
  • Danny Wills Says " Is insane fun to ride and is by far the fastest board I have ever had."
  • Available in any sizes.

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Willsy: "After thousands and thousands of surfboards, the FullThrottle is THE fastest surfboard I have ever ridden! Not only is this unbeatably fast but fits tighter in the pocket, giving me limitless performance both rail surfing and fancy tricks. Michael and I have worked hard to create something that is no short of incredible both in its innovation and performance. We can't wait to share this with you."

Michael: "The Willsy Full Throttle is the forefront in surfboard innovation and design. It is neither shortboard or hybrid but something in between. It combinines elements from the speed of the fish and the performance of the Hot Rod, becoming an entity in itself."

  • This board is a must have in any quiver.
  • We can guarantee you will not be let down by a bad surf.
  • Too small? Too fat? Don't look past the Full Throttle.
  • Get one today!

Fin set up - Thruster, Quad, and Tri/Quad.

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MC Hot Rod

The Hot Rod is a pro-performance short board. It's the first out of Signature Series of boards collaborated over 4 meticulous years of testing and creating with shaper Michael Cundith and team riders, with the aim of making it one of the most finely tuned surfboards on the planet. The Hot Rod is one of few models to have been surfed at every contest for years on The Dream Tour or WCT.

The Hot Rod features:
- Shallow single concave
- Low/soft grading to high plaining rails
- Constant curve in the outline, providing exceptional manoeuvrability
- In addition, the MC signature fins are designed to compliment this board further.

The Hot Rod performs and delivers in most conditions, draw huge arcs and stick tightly in the pocket.

The Lip Hit

The Lip Hit is a board that has been modified to help surfers to maintain their optimum performance and is made to work for you.
The Lip Hit is in concept a thick short board, able to paddle very easily, allowing the surfer to stay out for longer.

The Lip Hit features:
- A trim spot under the front foot enabling the rider to glide over flat sections.
- Wide point above centre
- Choice of single or single to double concave, vee optional
- Low, soft rail
- Tail kick starting between feet grading to the tail
- Even distribution of deck volume

Despite the extra volume, these design specifics negate its effects on the wave. On the wave the lip hit is able to perform just as good as a normal short board.
Available in all sizes. Lip Hit can reach to 8'6", 23 1/2" width 3 1/2" thickness.
Shaper's Comment:
"I first made this design for myself when I was pushing 50 years of age but fit enough to surf a short board. The Lip Hit has good drive, a trim spot underfoot and generous tail kick to stay tight and critical in the pocket. It is voluminous enough for a wide range of waves with all the performance advantage of a short board.
MC's personal dimensions are 6'8" x 20" x 2 7/8". He weighs 73kg.
The biggest Lip Hit so far has been 8ft long for a guy in his late 40's at 100kg. He loved it as his prime choice for Indonesia as a testament to its versatility."

Table below are some size suggestions, boards can be ordered any sizes. We also have stocks as well please check our stock list.

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    Mc Knee Board Custom Only
    MC knee board custom only
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