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Belly Stubbie 4ft To 6ft

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from $4000.00

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This is custom order only product.

The Belly Stubbie 4FT to 6FT.

Concave Chine's bottom and Deck, extreme Speed, nice turns and great fun.

It is easy to Duck dive and incredibly fun board to surf.

The Blue Belly Stubbie is 4 foot, 18" and 2", The pink one is 4'2".

Made to Order any size and any colour.

Price from $695 clear

Please clikc Enquire or phone us on 0266858778 email to info@mcsurf.com.au

Here is 30 seconds movie we made on the Xmas day 2013.

Gene is riding The Belly Stubbie standing up - towards the end of 30 sec.

He did double 360 (720) standing up on 4'2" Belly Stubbie.

Michael Cundith's Stubbie Revealed from Harry Triglone on Vimeo.

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