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Carver Moped Surfboard Rack - Bike Rack


Carver CSR Surf Rack for longbaord holds up to a 10' and thickness up to 3 1/2".

If you have SUP and thicker than 3 1/2"- you might need to widen the arm to suit your surfboard.

Available in Black only in Australia.



Mounts to mopeds
Tig Welded 6061 Alloy
No Rust
Fits Larger Boards
Great For mopeds and scooters
Looks Great!
"These are the absolute best surfboard bike racks available! Get these surfboard bike racks today if you are going surfing by bicycle.
These bike racks are the strongest, highest quality racks available anywhere!"
These are some of the strongest highest quality bike racks on the market. Hand made in Hawaii. "When I ride my bike down to Sunset, Wiamea, or Pipe, I know I can carry my board on my bike with ease. It doesn't matter if I am carrying a shortboard, a longboard or a big wave gun, these are absolute best surf board bicycle racks you can get!"
-Garrett Mcnamara


Handmade surfboard bike rack system from Carver that mounts on the side Shortboard model Fits Shortboards up to about 8'0". Longboard model fits boards up to 10'0" Comes with mounting and installation tools Adjustable seat post mount fits most bicycles with posts from 25mm-32mm.
Made from High Strength Alloy/Aluminum Welded Construction

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$ 179.95 X (USD 178.69 approx.)

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