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Toshie Nobuhara Cundith


Custom Photography for All Occasions / Event Coordinator

Translator and Interpreter (English - Japanese) 

About Toshie Nobuhara Cundith

Toshie Cundith (Nobuhara), is an experienced events coordinator and professional photographer who can assist you to create your dream event or capture magic moments.

Toshie is available to coordinate events such as yoga retreats, weddings and even tourism events for Japanese or other world travelors to or from Australia.

Toshie is an internationally successful photographer, producing stunningly high quality photo images of people and environments both on land and in the water.

As an experienced ocean Woman, surf photographer, surfer, scuba diver and deep free-diver who always takes a camera into the water with her, 

Toshie has traveled the Pacific Ocean in her passion to capture the perfect water shot. 

This means Toshie takes exceptional surfing photos and great underwater portraits of people.

Toshie has loved living in Byron Bay for 30 years, along with exploring her passion for photography and surfing.

 In 2014 she had her first solo photographic exhibition in Tokyo.

In Byron Bay she is recognised and loved as a female professional surf photographer.

If you would like Toshie to assist you with your event or to provide high quality, trusted, and friendly photography.

In House Studio Photography is  available for Look book and product photography. 

please contact her directly on toshie@mcsurf.com.au or phone (02) 66858778.

toshie@mcsurf.com.au or phone 02 66858778.

コーディネーター・プロカメラマン・通訳 翻訳

トシエ 信原 カンディス












ご連絡はメールまたはお電話+61 2 66858778でお願いします。

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